Enjoy your Resort Vacation without leaving the Resort

How do you enjoy your Resort Vacation? There are so many ways. This blog focuses on how vacationers enjoy their vacation. A few weeks ago I published a blog about how I saw our guests enjoy their resort vacation by exploring area amenities such as: Take Day Trips, Different Resort Every Year, Take Overnight Trips and Fish Different Lakes Every Day.

There are probably even more ways to enjoy your resort vacation and you don’t even have to start your car until it is time to go home. During the 17 years of owning and operating my northern Minnesota Resort, I saw my guests enjoying the resort differently. After talking with other resort owners I wrote some observations and suggestions for you to consider when you enjoy your vacation at one of our owner-operated resorts.

So, what did I see?

1. Beach: Sitting by the beach whether you like going in the lake or not doesn’t matter. Just watching the lake and other people enjoying the water is pretty relaxing. Even if you don’t have kids, watching other kids enjoying the water is actually pretty entertaining. What isn’t more fun that watching the little kids with sand and water. If they are your kids you intently watch them having fun. If you don’t have kids, again, it is fun watching them realizing that it isn’t you having to pay such close attention. You can just quietly close your eyes and take a nap or listen to others having fun.

2. Swimming: If you aren’t lucky enough to live by a lake or have a pool in your backyard, having daily access to the water is a great way to enjoy your vacation. This is true for young and old. So many times I saw the adults take a swim noodle and just float in the water on those nice summer days. Some take a beverage (make sure if floats so it doesn’t sink!). I have seen countless teens (adults too!!) learning how to paddleboard. I must say it is pretty entertaining to watch them fall until they get the hang of it! They eventually (usually!!)  get it and can get some distance without falling off.

3. Resort Amenities: How about canoes, kayaks and all those water toys? Taking advantage of whatever your resort has to offer is a way to enjoy your vacation. If your resort doesn’t have all those toys, that is just fine as well, just being by the water is a treat.

4. Pool: We are all lucky to be able to vacation in Minnesota with all the beautiful lake and rivers that Minnesota offers. But, there are some people that prefer to enjoy the pool. If your resort has a pool, then great. Take some time to sit and enjoy. Relaxing in one of the lounge chairs watching others swim is pretty great. Or, take a dip yourself. There are many people that we saw that enjoyed the sun, but didn’t actually take a dip in the water. We opened our pool for Memorial Day Weekend. The weather could sometimes be cool (OK, sometimes COLD), but that didn’t matter to the kids. The pool was heated. So many times in those early weeks we saw the kids swimming and the parents in sweatshirts watching them.

5. Reading: We had a library in the lodge where guests could borrow books. Many guests brought a stack of books to read while on vacation. Life does seem to be too busy and perhaps you don’t find time to sit, relax, have fun and read a book. Bring some of your favorites and read while watching the lake, sitting by (or in) your cabin, sitting in the fishing boat or perhaps paddle a kayak to a shoreline somewhere and bring your book

6. Cooking: While some guests take advantage of vacation time as a time to NOT COOK. Others take advantage of vacation time to actually take time to cook. If you do love (or like) to cook, taking the time to do it is a treat. We had some guests that even brought their specialty appliances. If you enjoy cooking, think ahead of what you want to cook or experiment with and make sure to bring the ingredients that you need.

7. Crafts and the Arts: As with cooking, sometimes you can’t seem to squeeze in painting, drawing, needlepoint, scrapbooking, sewing, quilting, making fishing lures, writing/journaling… maybe you always wanted to make stepping stones with stained glass. If this trips your trigger, then plan on taking some of your vacation time to do what makes you happy!

8. DO NOTHING: Perhaps this should be #1! One of the things that I understood from some of our guests was how much they enjoyed DOING NOTHING. Not HAVING to do something is pretty awesome. Taking naps in or outside the cabin is pretty great. Although I wasn’t on vacation while running my resort, I loved watching others having a good time. It really made me feel good. I loved listening to the kids yelling and having fun, the parents sitting in the sun, the families in the boats, people fishing off the dock……. While I was going this, I was DOING NOTHING but watching and listening. AWESOME.

We offer many owner-operated resorts for you to visit and enjoy your vacation however you choose!

Submitted by: Karen Senger
Retired Resorter but
Still Loves Resorts and Resorting
Photo Credit: Paradise Resort and Karen Senger

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