Wow, August already. It isn’t too late to plan an end of the summer Minnesota family vacation. Once the 4th of July of over, many resorts get a number of calls for reservations because people realize, “Wow, where did summer go? We haven’t made a plan to take our family vacation yet!” Then the panic sets in to find that perfect resort.

Well it is past the 4th of July rush and then August hits and families that didn’t make that call now say, “Wow, what happened to summer? It’s August already and we haven’t made a plan to take our family vacation yet!” And now the rush is on to make that reservation and squeeze in that end of summer Minnesota family resort vacation.

No, it isn’t too late. There are still some great weeks before Labor Day and school begins. There are many of our member resorts that have openings in August for your end of summer family vacation at the lake. If you have older kids that are in sports, then sports practice may be starting soon. Or, perhaps they already started. If so, then you can still plan a weekend family get-away. No, it isn’t too late.

If your kids are younger, not in sports, or perhaps you don’t have kids, then you have a few more options and don’t have as many obstacles to work around . Maybe you can spend a full week or an extra long weekend. Check out our member resorts and find the one that works for your family. It isn’t too late.

August is a great time for a family vacation at the lake. Resorts are still in full-swing and the weather is great. If you can go towards the end of August, then many resorts offer discounted rates. That is another good reason to reserve a cabin in August. Perhaps you can incorporate Labor Day into your vacation planning. That is just around the corner too!

What do kids remember? They remember time spent with family. They remember vacations. They remember time at the lake. No, it isn’t too late to make those family vacation memories. No it isn’t too late to start a tradition to vacation in August every year, many people do.

Want to go fishing? Yes, fishing can be great in August and many people have great luck. Ask your friendly resort owner for where the hot spots are on the lake, where people have been catching those fish, where the walleye are, where those lunker musky are, where those bass are hiding, what the lake temperature is, what time of day is best for the lake and type of fish you are trying to catch.  Talking with your resort owner is a benefit of reserving one of our owner-operated member resorts. There is always fishing from the dock too!

Do you want to have some of those lasting family memories! Plan a vacation at one of our owner-operated Minnesota Family Resorts!

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Submitted by: Karen Senger Retired Resort Owner,  but still love Resorts and Resorting

Photo Credit:  Canary Beach Resort

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