Best Time to Look for Aurora Borealis

Best time to look for Aurora Borealis Few things in life are as unforgettable as seeing the fabled Aurora Borealis. My first time was in the summer of 2000 when I was a teenager working as a dock boy for a small resort just outside of Voyageurs National Park. At first I didn’t believe my…

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Snowmobile Trails, They Do Vary

SNOWMOBILE TRAILS, THEY DO VARY I have been snowmobiling for 23 years and have seen many different trails. We usually go with a group of friends and we start out in the Grand Rapids, Marcell and Bigfork areas. But we have gone up the north shore and other areas too. One thing is for sure.…

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OHV Trails in the Winter

Winter OHV Trails

OHV TRAILS IN THE WINTER Winter. Yes, it is here. For me, it is easier to “find things to do” in the summer than it is in the winter. But, if you have some 4 wheelers or side-by-sides, you can use the on some trails in the winter as well as the summer. Snowmobiles are…

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