You packed the car. You drove 2, 4, 7, maybe 10 hours with the kids and you thought that was the adventure.  Now what?!

Now you do it all; from fishing to swimming to hiking, to absolutely nothing, that’s what.  Here are the top things you can do on your Minnesota Vacation.  And the best part?  Think all-inclusive activities. Here is list of 13 things that may be included in your All-Inclusive Minnesota Vacation. Make sure you booked a long enough stay!

1. Hydro Bikes: These are exactly what they sound like. A bicycle on the water: typically floated by two or more pontoons.  They are fun for all ages as a friendly race, a sustained workout or a peaceful and casual ride on the lake.  Many resorts have these, plus many other water toys included.

2. Fishing: Don’t have a boat or ready-to-rent fishing boat handy?  You are sure to have some hook and line fun right off a dock.  5,493 of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes are fishable, larger than 10 acres and home to about 160 species of fish.  For more fish fun facts visit DNR files.

3. Swimming: On a hot summer day who doesn’t love to take a dip in the water?   And in Minnesota, we have water.  We have clear water.  Check out this list of top 25 lakes.  Some of our resorts have as much as 600 feet of sandy shoreline.  If the lake isn’t your thing, take a splash in many of the Minnesota  resort pools. This is your “All-Inclusive Minnesota Vacation!”

4. Stand Up Paddle Boards: Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is an offshoot of surfing that originated in Hawaii. Stand up paddle boarders stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water. Many guests find them fun to stay up on and some love to fall off them (intentionally.)  It is a great way to enjoy your lake.

5. Canoes & Kayaks: Nothing is more relaxing than skimming across a body of water powered by you. It’s also another perfect way to drop a line. It is a very quiet way to enjoy the lake. Go by yourself or grab someone to go with you.

6. Peddle Boats: Like the hydro bike these are powered by peddling. Grab a friend for a cruise around the lake.

7. Yard Games: From corn-hole to horseshoes, giant shuffleboard, or lawn dice, nothing says family vacation like some friendly family competition. It’s your All-Inclusive Minnesota Vacation.

8. Game Room: We hope you have nothing but blue skies on your vacation, but we are realists.  So for those rainy days or maybe a rest from the UV rays, many owner-operated resorts have game rooms with pool tables and video games for some indoor fun. Never played pool before? Now is a perfect time to learn.

9. Library: Already sped through that book you packed?  Don’t worry, there might even be a library on site from which to choose a new read.

10. Trails & Hiking: Walking in nature is just plain good for you. You can make it a leisurely stroll or a rigorous walk. It is your time.   You choose. “Research shows that hiking has a positive impact on combating the symptoms of stress and anxiety,” says Gregory A. Miller, PhD, president of the American Hiking Society. “Being in nature is ingrained in our DNA, and we sometimes forget that.”  Again, this is all part of your all-inclusive Minnesota Vacation.

11. Kids Activities: Making sure everyone gets the most out of their Minnesota Vacation.  Some of our resorts have organized kids activities. You know what this means!  YOU can grab an extra book or take that romantic nature walk while the kids are taken care of.

12. Campfires: Nothing smells more like a summer Minnesota Vacation than the faint smell of campfire smoke on your favorite hoody. Meet new friends around the ring, have some s’mores and check out the stars. Maybe make your dinner or lunch over the fire. Everyone loves hotdogs!  Campfire smell … included with your All-Inclusive Minnesota Vacation.

13. Water Mats: These foam mats will get you as close to walking on water in the summer months as you can. Like a floating raft, these mats are tethered to an anchor for endless hours of fun.

Have we sold you on taking your All-Inclusive Minnesota Vacation? Click here to find your next favorite  All-Inclusive Minnesota Vacation today.

By: Megan Johnson

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