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Road Trip: 19 Games and Challenges for the Car

Your Minnesota vacation is officially under way. The car is jammed packed with beach gear and fishing gear and clothing for anything the Minnesota climate can throw at you.  Now to get there……  You might even have three generations in the car with your parents and your kids all ready for a week of fun. […]

Deer Hunting and the Hunting Shack, a Minnesota Tradition

For some, deer hunting is that one thing that they never miss. They will miss family weddings, kids’ school functions and deer-hunting-widow sales at the local stores for that first weekend of deer hunting. Going to the shack for deer hunting has been a tradition. The specific location of that tradition is different for everyone. […]

TAKE YOUR TIME this fall, get outside

Fall is an awesome time to get outside. Come to think of it, it is great to get outside anytime of year. But, there is something about the fall season that is so appealing to many people. It could be the colors or maybe the cool evenings and bright sunny days. Maybe it is the […]

School of Resorting

Fall Conference Spring Workshop Resort Tour Resorter Reporter Magazines & E-Newsletters School of Resorting & Educational forms Printable CMR Education Benefits Scholarships     The CMR Education Committee & Board has put together a panel to help us all through Covid-19 cleaning & procedure changes we are all working through together. Please join us in […]

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