New Kind of Family Vacation

Villages on Water – Minnesota Ice Fishing

There is a place where the landscape changes each season and when this season turns frozen new towns appear.  Sound magical?  Almost, it’s just a Minnesota winter and people enjoying the sport of ice fishing.  Everyone knows that people have been traveling for +150 years for a Minnesota Vacation to enjoy some summer fishing in […]

New Kind of Family Vacation

When our kids were nine, seven and five, we took them to Disney World. You know this kind of family vacation, right? It’s often referred to as the best family vacation for kids. It’s the vacation that every kid dreams of and that every parent hopes they can some-day give their kids while they are […]

Minnesota Ice Fishing- Try It!

If you want to try something new (maybe you have been ice fishing many times!), this winter is a great time to either experience ice fishing for the first time or go out there and ice fish again. Many resorts are open in the winter. Of those that are some offer cabin rentals, ice house […]

New Vacationers to Minnesota Resorts

It may come as a surprise to many of you, but there are people that have never vacationed at a Minnesota Resort before! Yes, it is true. With Covid restrictions this year people couldn’t or didn’t take some of the vacations that they had planned. They didn’t go to Mexico or other countries. Groups couldn’t […]

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