Family Vacations

If you are trying to plan the perfect family vacation or family fishing getaway, why not consider coming to Minnesota? With over 900 Minnesota family resorts (and many of them owned and operated by families themselves), this is a great option for your next family vacation.

What is the definition of a family vacation? Is it teaching your kids how to swim? Taking your grandkids fishing? Or maybe just a relaxing evening around the campfire roasting marshmallows and telling stories? The greatest thing about a MN family trip is that it can be whatever you desire! With over 10,000 lakes in which to go fishing, boating, or swimming in, MN has the potential to keep every family member entertained. With many resorts catering to families, there are activities and amenities to make sure the “kid” in every person has the vacation of their dreams. Many visitors are already spending their annual vacations in Minnesota. It’s time for you to do the same and start creating your own MN family memories! Search family resorts in Minnesota now!

Travel Resources

Minnesota Department of Transportation»
Road maps and more! Navigate your way throughout the state with this downloadable Minnesota maps.

Scenic Byways»
Relax and enjoy Minnesota’s diverse and gorgeous sites. Drive along one of the state’s many scenic drives and take it all in!

511 Traffic and Road Conditions»
Before you get in the car, check this site for road construction, delays and detours – maintained by the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Explore Minnesota»
Visit the Explore Minnesota Tourism site.

Keeping Kids Happy

Car trip + kids = Fun or Frantic? Will your family arrive at the resort happy and ready to play? Read these tips on keeping kids busy and happy in the car.

Toys, Toys, Toys – Bring along a variety of interesting object and toys. Soft toys that can be strapped to a car seat are best for infants and toddlers. Toys that do not get lost or drop to the floor will help avoid crying bouts.

Bring out the artist – Slightly older children will enjoy a lunch box or a show box or even an old briefcase to store toys, paper and crayons. They can store mess-free art products in the box while using the surface of the box as a handy tabletop.

Scrapbooks – Compiling and organizing post cards, brochures, and news clipping in the scrapbook will keep kids involved in the trip, while teaching them about where they are going and where they have been. Encourage them to be creative and to write stories and descriptions.

Point and Shoot – Buy your child a disposable camera to take pictures during your Minnesota vacation. These reasonably priced cameras can be purchased at just about any store and allow your child to feel like a grown up, helping to capture fun family vacation memories.

Headphones are a must – A hand-held cassette/CD player/radio with headphones is almost a necessity for older kids. They can listen to their favorite music while you get a little “quiet time.” Extra headphone sets are handy for siblings.